Over 40 years ago Bill & Ella Colvin opened a liquor and gun store that became a staple here in Uvalde, Tx. Their TABC and FFL licenses were combined and grandfathered in allowing them to sell both alcohol and firearms. Business was downstairs and home was upstairs.

Mrs. Colvin was a savvy, self-taught businesswoman and a true matriarch. The Colvin family called her the “head of the heap.” Her regular drink was silver tequila, usually Jose Cuervo, on ice in a styrofoam cup.

Mr. Colvin, once a Vegas poker-dealer, hosted weekly poker in the back room with some Uvalde businessmen. These games often ended with Mr. Colvin making a trip to Milton’s to buy diamonds for Mrs. Colvin. His go-to drink was cheap gin on ice.

The attempted robbery: One evening Mrs. Colvin was working in the office directly behind the counter when she heard a man point a gun at Mr. Colvin and say “Give me the money.” Mr. Colvin knew they had a pistol in the office, but didn’t know if Mrs. Colvin was aware of the situation. In the tense silence, both men heard Mrs. Colvin cock her pistol. Mr. Colvin dropped to the floor and Mrs. Colvin emptied her clip. Her adrenaline was so high she thought she only hit the ceiling… turns out she hit the cash drawer turning the money to confetti, a bottle of Chivas Regal, Crown Royal, their taxidermied bass, and a Dewar’s White Label mirror that still hangs on the wall today. When the police arrested the robber, they told the Colvin’s he tried to fire back and his gun jammed.

After over 20 years in business the Colvin's retired, but the “LIQUOR|GUNS” sign remains as a reflection of a simpler time. Bottle 'N Bag is still locally owned and operated and an excellent choice for liquor, wine, beer, craft beer, cigars, frozen toddies, and snacks. If we don't have what you want WE WILL GET IT.

Thank you to the Colvin family for sharing your stories with us! Come see us in Uvalde, Sabinal, and Leakey, Tx (coming soon).